How To Make a Simple Fall Tablescape

Today I was able to be a contributor on A Blissful Nests blog, it has been such a great learning experience and am so grateful for the opportunity! I have two more posts I will be sharing on her blog, so make sure to follow along!

  I have had so many ask me how I did my tablescape, or if they can just buy one made. I wanted to do a tutorial to show you how easy it is to make a simple tablescape that you can use for any season! No matter your budget this tutorial is for you! Head on over HERE to go read the full post.


I hope this simple tablescape tutorial can help get you inspired for upcoming holidays!

Our Ikea Rast Hack


Everyone has asked how we did our Ikea Rast Hack, if you aren't familiar with how it looks before here is what it looks like!


We purchased this at Ikea for $34.99 , and spent under $20 in materials to give it the look we wanted with the space we needed! As I mentioned in the previous post our room is tiny, and having storage was a must! I looked at so many different night stands and while I loved them, they were not only out of our budget but they didn't hold anything. This Ikea Rast 3 drawer dresser was the perfect fit for us! I began researching all the different hacks, and the one I found that I loved was HERE from Hymns and Verses! 

While I love seeing tutorials and "trying" to follow them ( we have done more than I can count) You will find that you can't find the exact items, and the pricing is WAY off! It is kind of discouraging and while I don't want to discourage you from doing a DIY or HACK, but I want to be real with you. I am grateful for a husband that is patient and can figure out any project I want to do. So before you start just remember that things might not go as planned, you will probably go over budget and it takes more time to DIY than just buying and putting together.... but in the end its SOOOO worth it!

So we don't have a garage, or a ton of tools, but we do a good job using what we have! Our front porch is huge and covered so that turns into our workshop, and our favorite power tools are Ryobi! Here is the Rast mostly put together not including the knobs or the bottom piece.

We tried to follow most things on the blog HERE , but we had to get a different trim piece and we decided to add the trim on the sides to finish it off!

I will be showing some of the photos we did, and how we did differently from the blog above. They give very good details and easy to follow so make sure to use that as your reference.



We couldn't find the same exact trim that they found, so we found this one and loved how it turned out! So as long as you find something similar it will turn out great!


You can see a closer view onto the trim we used on the top of the dresser here, we didn't like how the sides were so plain so we added the trim that was used for the drawers on the side here and love the dimension it adds!


Here you can see the drawers, we just used our Ryobi brad nailer to attach them with some wood glue behind! This Sliding Miter saw with a laser that you see makes cutting wood so easy, it was our first time using it and want to do more projects just to be able to use it!


We used the plans from HERE to do the bottom cutout as well! It was so easy to do! I just love how it all turned out! We just filled in the original knob holes with wood filler and any other holes we found, and sanded it off. Now its time to stain and add the new hardware!

We decided to try out a new stain by Old Barn Milk Paint called weathered, it is a stain that is One Step! These stains are all natural ,toxin free, have no odor and the finish is built right in! The color was so perfect and we can't wait to use it for more projects!

I just loved what a stain can do to transform a piece! I used a brush here to show the difference, but when I applied all over I just used a rag! So easy!

Ikea Rast Hack.jpg

Now here is the final product! It was a pretty easy project, it just took a little longer than putting together the actual dresser! We love how it turned out and all the space it provides!

Our Bedroom Reveal { A little before and after}


You know as parents we normally tend to do things for us last, including making our bedroom a "retreat" or someplace we enjoy being in.

When we moved into our home we had the biggest room which is now our boys room/playroom, then we got a smaller one!.A few years later my daughter had to have a gigantic American Girl doll house, yes it is taller and bigger than me - so that led to us getting our teeny bedroom which I can't say my husband was jumping up and down for. 

We moved our queen size bed and desk in the room and realized that was all we had room for, not a space for a dresser or even a night stand! The room stayed this way for awhile, but then of course me and my brilliant ideas.... I sold my beloved desk and then a room makeover was starting! ( This was while we were in the middle of redoing every other room in the house for my "deadline" which I will get more into that later that is a whole other post!) 

Here is what we transformed our "dark hole" into! I was going for simple and romantic and I feel like we accomplished just that!


In our room we did a lot of DIY's and I will be doing a three part series on that next! The shiplap was first on the list, and it has become a trend throughout our home. The nightstand/dresser is an Ikea Rast and we did a hack on it, we couldn't be happier with how it turned out! We found the perfect stain from Old Barn Milk Paint for it and used it on both pieces in our room.  The hanging shelf/ chandelier above our bed was just as I imagined, I love that we can change it through the different seasons! 

The jute rug is from Target, and while I love it my husband wanted something else... so on the hunt for the perfect fit! ( This one is great since it has backing on it, it doesn't shed!) 

Our bedspread is from Purple Rose Home it is called the Sarah Bedspread. I love how flowy and romantic it is and gives the perfect touch! They have other colors also if white isn't your thing! The ruffled bedding you see is from anthropologie and just as soft as ever! 

Here is another view with some more bedding I like to layer on!

I love the dimension this Ikea Duvet gives, it makes our room have a touch of masculine in the romantic setting... Plus I like to be warm at night so added bonus!

The I love us Pillow is from Porter Lane Home, it comes with and without ruffles.

The Lamp and shade is from Target and the frame on the wall is an antique find.

Our room is so tiny, you can run into the bed as you walk in... don't worry we are pro's and have managed to find our way through small spaces. I am showing you the other side of the room with an amazing sign from one of my favorite sign makers Between You and Me Signs!


This sign is just fitting for our little home, because our love really grows best in houses just like this <3

Now to see the before... because thats what we all have waited for!

While this doesn't seem like a horrible before, this was the extent to our bedroom, we just had a huge desk and it was so dark! I love what just a little shiplap, paint and design can do to a space!

Hope you loved seeing a peek into our home, feel free to ask me questions!

xoxo Sarah