Dreaming of Homemaking Blog... is finally here!

 I can't believe I am finally starting! I came up with this name and bought a domain right after my daughter was born, and she is 6 this week! A little bit about me, I used to be a coupon blogger for myself, and for a friend. While I was doing that I got burnt out with having to post literally every hour! I love to blog, I love to write and have missed it dearly! I will apologize in advance, please don't mind if you don't see perfect punctuation or being grammatically correct because you won't find that here as much as I wish I was better... we can always learn right, I will add it to my never ending to do list! 

I hope with this blog I can show you how I have made my house my home, and hopefully it will inspire you to love your home no matter what and make it yours. I would love to show you how to be able to decorate your home on a budget, not only by doing DIY but by getting great deals, and learning how to sell items you no longer need to buy new. I love to organize, and have been able to master making my home seem bigger than it is by doing just that, I hope to teach you some of my tricks! While I love my home, there is more to me than that... I would love to show you into my "real life" and you will see that I am a mother to 4 wonderful children ( well maybe 3 ..just kidding - the last is getting better) and a wife to my amazing husband! I want to be able to let you in by writing my highs and lows.. I love fitness, even though I have my days and months.... life happens lets be real - so I would love to show a glimpse of that to and my journey. I am not a fashionista by any means, but I do love to shop and try new things and see what works and doesn't for me - so I will show you along the way!  

With this blog, I hope to inspire you and share my passion for homemaking. While I am not perfect by any means, I try my best and hope to show you all that I have learned.