American Girl Birthday Surprise

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SURPRISE!! We got a puppy, Meet Daisy! All Zoe wanted for her Birthday was a puppy, and while she didn’t think she was getting one we surprised her! If you have followed along you know Zoe’s most favorite thing is all things American Girl. She has been going there since her 6 month birthday, so it seemed fitting!

Here is how it all happened! I spent the day with a friend getting the puppy and had it ready to surprise the kids, as soon as they got home from school James told them they had to meet me at American Girl because we needed to do an exchange. They all met me there and I was next to all the American Girl pets. I told the kids look how cute these new pets are while I had the puppy in my hand. The boys were so caught up in the cute fake puppies - Zoe noticed right away! Here is the video below!

Seriously they were so surprised, the only bad thing is I don’t think we can ever top this!

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american girl 5

The kids are all in love!

american girl 6

Zoe is already getting lots of puppy kisses!

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american girl 9

Now time to go home and introduce her to Rosie!

american girl 10

Our mandatory American Girl photo, with her dad, pup and favorite doll Blaire!

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Not only did Zoe get her pup, but she was able to get the doll she has been wanting Blair! If you havent heard about Blair she is the 2019 Girl of the Year, and a young chef-in-training growing up on her family's sustainable farm and B&B in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Blaire loves to create, whether it's new dishes for the B&B's restaurant or decorating for the farm's first wedding event, but she sometimes finds it hard to balance tech time and real time with family and friends.Blaire's important message to girls is about making meaningful connections with the people we love-and that means more than clicking and swiping-it means truly being there.

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american girl 14

We love visiting the store and seeing all the displays this one for Blair is so gorgeous!

american girl 15

Here are some of Zoes favorites she is asking for from her family for her birthday!

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american girl 17
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american girl 19

It is still a month away from her Birthday, but I hope she remembers this birthday forever. This was such a special day for all of us!

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A little flashback to where it all started Zoe’s first 1/2 Birthday!

Thank you again for taking the time to read, thanks for following our journey!

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